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As a company with tradition, in the heart of our success stand knowledge, culture, accumulation ofexperience and the need to offer high-quality products from the best fishing grounds - from the Mediterranean Sea, across the North and South Atlantic Ocean, to the faraway Pacific.


OUR PROducts

The company Vasovic d.o.o does the import, the packaging, the wholesale, the distribution and the retail of frozen sea and river fish, seafood and fish products using modern equipment and technologies. For more than 20 years we bring a variety of healthy choice food from the seas and oceans straight to your plate.



From the start we have cooperated with the suppliers who have modernized ships in their fleets and work according to the highest standards (freezing at sea, good equipment, expertness etc.) that guarantee a quality and freshness of the fish.



Every head chef will take something from a wide range of our quality products to prepare their specialty.We pay attention that our products have well-made containers, that they are recognizable and easily accessible to our customers. We have strict quality control, therefore, a customer gets seafood that remain the same as in the time of fishing.



We have developed the distribution-sales channels so we cover the whole territory of Serbia from four of our distribution centers, supplying it with our own products, as well as the food from a wholesale range.

Always on time

Our sales managers do the field selling and we have our car pool that does the transport. Distributioncenters are also available.


You own a brand and need the products of the best quality? We do the packaging with the name of ourown brand Lamargo, as well as at request of our customers for the Serbian market (Premia, Aro, BasBas) as well as for the European market.

Healthy food

We pack the healthiest food from the sea depths with the help of contemporary machines for packagingfish, fish products and seafood. We have introduced a strict quality control according to HACCP ISO 9001standards, therefore, we send a clear message to our customers that buying our products is safe andhealthy.

Fast delivery

For many years we have cooperated with the suppliers who have modernized ships in their fleet andapply the highest standards (freezing at sea) that guarantee a quality and freshness of the fish. The fishcome from the remote parts of the world by sea, land or air.

Always available

We cover the territory of Serbia, own a wide range of quality fish from the best fishing zones and have apossibility of quick delivery. The name of our brand is Lamargo, but we also have products for your ownbrand and the best sales managers on the go, who you can negotiate about the best conditions with. Weare proud to point out that we sell health.


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